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Things which you did not know about Facebook

Facebook has been winning hearts since the day it got famous on the internet. It is the largest social media networking site and is now conquering over the internet too. It has almost 2 billion active users and is indeed the largest method of communication over the internet. Without the founder Mark Zuckerberg who invented one of the biggest platforms on social media, we would not be able to connect with the world as we do now. But just as everything else, Facebook has its own secrets too! Following are a few things you did not know about Facebook.

It was not named “Facebook” initially:-

Since the time most users have been actively using it, they have all heard it and seen it as Facebook, but the truth is that it was actually named “The Facebook” when it was still blooming in Howard. Zuckerberg’s colleagues urged him to remove “The” as it would be hilarious if the name remained “The Facebook”. I bet many of you are already giggling at thought of such a name.

Can you guess how much time does every user spend on Facebook? :-

An average Facebook user spends around 35 minutes every day on the website. With more than 2 billion users, there is an average of 1.2 billion active users, according to the company. If the numbers are calculated, on the average basis the human race approximately spends 42 billion minutes on Facebook, every single day. It can be said so that we spend 79,856 years on Facebook, every day! Now that is surprising.

The secret behind the blue color scheme of Facebook:-

It might seem to all that blue and white is a random color scheme which was applied to Facebook but it actually has a reason behind it. The founder of Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg is actually red-green color blind. So when he was to decide the color scheme for the platform, he went with the colors that he can see – blue and white, and to his advantage blue is often considered to represent trust. The color scheme of Facebook helped its users to trust it and hence increased its viewership.

Facebook’s unofficial logo:-

There was a time when Facebook had an unofficial logo and it may be seen by the users who were into it before 2007. The logo was of a guy’s face in blue and white made with binary 1 and 0s. The guy happened to be Al Pacino, the Scarface himself!

Which page has the most likes on it? :-

Getting likes on Facebook has become a huge and serious thing for many people on the platform and many companies see their number of likes as a status symbol. The page with the most likes is no other than the great football player Cristiano Ronaldo’s page with more than 121 million likes, followed by Shakira with 104 likes. CR7 is undoubtedly famous and he is the most liked personality on Facebook too.

These are a few of the many secrets that our favorite social networking site has. Some secrets are revealed and some are yet to be discovered and for some extra knowledge, Yahoo tried to buy Facebook for 1 million dollars followed by Microsoft which was ready to give 24 million dollars just to own the most famous social networking platform.

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